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After the day I had today, I really don’t want to draw anything at all. :\ But I got a ton of homework to do, and I have to at least whip up something for the Halo blog for Easter tomorrow (it’s too good of a holiday to pass up). Maybe some fluffy OTP shenanigans will help soothe my frayed nerves…

Speaking of, I’ll be posting my customary run of semi-adult content gifs later tonight - and as always, all things that are even remotely ‘not safe for work’ will be tagged appropriately. Thank you for your indulgence.

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Imagine your OTP cuddling in bed after a round of sex, with Person B laying on top of Person A’s chest.

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Imagine your OTP has a child (or more). One day, the child asks person A how your OTP got together. Person A tries to tell the story in a romantic and magic way, but person B barges in and says what really happened, embarrassing person A and confusing the child.

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Imagine your OTP fighting side by side, and Person B takes a hit for Person A. Immediately, they’re carried by Person A from the chaos to safety and has their wound treated, barely able to stay conscious as Person A speaks to them in a comforting and reassuring tone.

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